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WordPress Network

For shits and giggles, I tried setting up a WordPress network, to see if it could ease the hassle of setting up other WordPress sites. It looks as though it’s a bit overkill for my needs. I had thought it could be useful if I wanted to import my old blog into WordPress and resume posting there, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. The lack of file duplication and a shared database would be neat, but not really necessary.

Moving Day

So I’ve gone and done it… I’ve started yet another WordPress blog. Why? Mainly because I want a place to talk about things I’ve discovered, built, assembled, mangled, broke, repaired, or perhaps things that I just find interesting. My previous blog was a general train of thought, and while it contained a lot of nerdery and information, it also contained plenty of personal cruft. I wrote the software for my old blog, and while it did a pretty good job at what it was written to do, it is pretty limited in features and ease of use. Hence my decision to use WordPress. My intent with this site is to stay more focused on making, breaking, and fixing things, and not how I might have felt about it at the time or what the weather was like that day (unless I’m talking about a home weather station :))

Step one is to figure out how this WordPress thing works. I’m making progress with that, slowly. Thankfully, my wife has been blogging with WordPress for a while, and she’ll be able  to provide a lot of guidance.

Step two is to import some of the content that’s still worth publishing from my old site. A lot of it is outdated and covered with cobwebs, but plenty of it is still useful.

Step three is to find some way of actually organizing everything. Tags, categories, menus… oh my!

Step four is … write stuff? Create a legion of loyal and devoted readers? Who knows. I’ve got plenty of things that could use a proper write up to demonstrate their awesomeness, but oh so little spare time.

And of course… Step five – PROFIT!!