A 500 Character Limit On A Customer Service Form Is Terrible.

Dearest NewEgg,
Since I can’t place more than 500 characters in in your customer service form, here it is.

My recent purchase seems to be lost somewhere, apparently between Newegg and UPS. Instead of an immediate refund or replacement, I’m forced to wait for 3-5 business days for a claim before I can get either a refund or a replacement order. With the replacement order, there’s still the shipping time on top of the 3-5 days to process the claim. I was expecting to have the item in hand today.

In my view, proper Customer Service on NewEgg’s part would have been to immediately ship a replacement with the highest shipping priority possible to make things right, without me having to request it. Denying this even upon request just adds insult to injury.

This transaction has left me with a fairly bad taste in my mouth, and I expect that I’ll be taking my business elsewhere in the future unless corrective action is taken on NewEgg’s part.

Context: I purchased an item on Newegg on 11/7. Newegg order status shows item shipped that day. UPS tracking info shows nothing past “billing information received.” Inquired with NewEgg regarding the status of the order today (11/12), and they (almost immeditately) reply that I need to file a claim for a replacement order or a refund. Both the replacement order and the refund come with a 3-5 business day processing time for the claim, then whatever additional time is required to refund the purchase or ship the replacement order.

NewEgg refused requests for immediate reshipment, and they also refused requests to increase the shipping priority of the replacement order.

So in other words, my money is in their hands, they lost the item in shipping, and instead of doing their best to right the situation, they pushed it into a pile of red tape. Customer Service fail.

  1. I’ve had that happen a few times, mostly with NewEgg. It would not surprise me if it shows up tomorrow.

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