And then there was that one time, where I was having issues with Cassandra, that I was dumb and Did It Wrong (TM).

$_CASSANDRA->cf('TestCF')->set("TestKey", $tostore, Cassandra::CONSISTENCY_ALL, (2 * 86400) );

Should have been…

$_CASSANDRA->cf('TestCF')->set("TestKey", $tostore, Cassandra::CONSISTENCY_ALL, $null, (2 * 86400) );

Don’t forget parameters in your function calls folks, they’ll mess you up.

  1. HILARIOUS! Oh wait… nope, I have no idea how to read that. 😀

  2. Shouldn’t it be

    $_CASSANDRA->cf('TestCF')->set("TestKey", $tostore, Cassandra::CONSISTENCY_ALL, null, (2 * 86400) );

    instead of $null

    • Somewhere earlier in the code, I had the following:
      $null = null;
      I had previously seen some hint stating that using null by itself caused issues, and that using $null would make things work properly.

      • I see. It will cause issues when invoked function gets the param by reference. Otherwise it’s safe to use the null value.
        Anyway, nice blog.

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